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I have started my career in I.T Industry as Business Development Manager with a vision to provide best solutions to my clients. But in my job I have seen most of the clients getting cheated by greedy companies for their own profits.

This was my turning point as I believe a person who is investing money over a particular project might be spending his whole life's saving on which He/She is dependent for rest of the life so I don't want to see them getting cheated anymore.

In Short my job role and my ethics forced me to take a step forward to rectify this system and provide best solutions to clients across the Globe.

Sachin Thapar, C.E.O - Thapar Consultancy Services

How we Started

Mr. Paul Davis Richardson, is one of my Best Friend and my Business Partner in Thapar Consultancy Services. With a same vision of providing best services we both incorporated and started up Regarding Paul, he is a Leading Entrepreneur in the Salt Lake City of Utah, USA. He is basically into Forex Trading Business. With a nice nature and open heart he is helping me to grow my business Globally.

New India5000_Nomination_Certificate-min in News

Thapar Consultancy Services is Nominated in India's Top 500 Most Promising I.T Company in just 7 Months from it's start. This survey is organized by BENCHMARK TRUST and its Audit Partner TQV.

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